Love to dance!

_____________________________ initially published in Spring, 2012

Fellas, a first date could begin with a dance, meaning you could meet someone whom you

Love to dance

feel charmed by, by asking her to dance.

Yet let’s table that for now.  You need to start by being comfortable to dance, and practiced in basic dance etiquette.

I’m talking about partner dance, taking a lady into your grasp and leading her to the music.  This not just for dates, but for social graces, and having fun!

First: Learn to dance
Fellas, learn to dance and you will love to dance. You don’t need to be Fred Astaire to begin. Simply learn to lead. Have a strong stance, and hold your partner securely in the “dance position.”
Second: Learn formal dance steps
Okay, you may already “practice” dancing before you take a formal class. As said above, simply step up and have a firm stance in leading a lady to the music. Don’t feel self-conscious; just remain upbeat and confident with your skills at whatever level they are. Of course, include a few twirls and turns.
Find a dance class. Many nightclubs that feature live music, especially under a specific music genre, offer dance lessons prior to the band starting to play.
     Or, find a dance school that offers formal classes. These are fun, because many of them have dance clubs where folks take their talents at scheduled dances.
No worries if you don’t have a partner for the classes. They are generally set up to pair folks for the practicing.      Or even better, bring a group of friends, male and female for these dance instructions.
Thirdly: Practice dance etiquette.
Dance often and your skills will naturally improve. Whatever your dance level, practice dance etiquette and you will seem all the more polished. You are taking care of her, per se, during the entire dance experience. A few basics:
—The complete gesture. 1) Politely ask her to dance. 2) Escort her to the dance floor. 3) When you’re finished dancing, escort her back to her table.
—You are the leader in the dance. This means you watch her back, and to her side. You need to assure that she won’t hit someone behind her, or you don’t twirl her and send her careening into someone else.  Also, watch out for others on the dance floor who aren’t paying attention. If someone’s about to spin out and bump into her, for example, prevent the collision by leading her, still dancing, to a safe area.  This may sound difficult, yet ’tis as easy as paying attention to the dance floor surroundings.
—One of the most basic concepts of a partner dance is: the fellow is showing off the lady. So, as you become more comfortable leading, include more twists and twirls. You may also include dips — but only dip a lady if you’re strong enough. Don’t ever put her in fear of being dropped.

Being a good dancer, makes a better life for you and the ladies you encounter while the music’s playing. Somewhere on some dance floor, you might meet the lady of your dreams and sweep her away.

Yet let that happen if it will. That aside, with the proper attitude and etiquette, each dance is a bit of a date in itself, something brief and complete, and a nice exchange between a gent and a lady.

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