A little appreciation …

September 3, 2009.
I didn’t ask his name, yet I’ll see him again. Because of a memorable exchange with the bartender at Quartino, earlier today when I stopped in to purchase a couple bottles of wine. He looked at me and said out loud the name of my perfume.

“Right!” I said, as I handed him the cash for the wine. I paused from chatting with two women nearby, and reminded myself that I’d only put on the perfume lotion, and only a little, so I knew I wasn’t filling the bar with the scent.

One of the women told me that he’d guessed her perfume as well. “He must have worked at a department store.”

“I never worked at a department store, never worked at a perfume counter,” he said as he brought back my change. “I just recognized the scents.” He walked away to tend to other customers.

Amazing, we three ladies agreed. He must be a bit of a romantic, having an attentive appreciation of women’s perfume scents. We appreciated that.

I put the bottles of wine in my shoulder bag and left. Next time I’ll ask his name. It seems like the polite thing to do. After all, he knew the name of my perfume without even asking.

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