Invite your darling to enjoy the snowy season

originally published in February, 2010
(as of December 2016, info and links are up to date)   Invite your darling to a ‘rough time’ in the snow

     Fellas, this is not a “how tough are you” date, yet a “let me invite you to winter” date. Big difference with a fine dividing line.
     This recommendation is for folks who live in snowy climates, or are visiting one– and ’tis timely to catching snow-covered moments. Last-minute invitations are most energetic.

     Be forthcoming in the agenda – to have a date enjoying the snow. Ask if she is prepared to “dress” for the occasion – good gloves or mittens, good layers, good footwear, and something for the neck and head. You can ask, under the guise of curiosity, the colors of her winter attire.
     If she pauses in answering any of these, arrive with a gift to appease her – a sturdy pair of gloves if she paused on answering about her snow-wear gloves, for example, or a nice scarf. Either one to match the colors she’d described to you.
     If ’tis a scarf you offer, make sure to wrap it around her safely.       This is not only a caring gesture, it also might prevent the scarf from slipping under a sled, or assure her safe access to the tow-ropes of a snow-tubing facility.
Let’s begin with tame “first date” suggestions and work up.

     Arrive at the date with two gifts. One is a wrapped box containing a used scarf, an old hat, broken-off buttons for eyes and smile, a carrot for the nose – and, if you can swing it, a corncob pipe.
     The second gift is hearty mittens. She will do a lot of rolling snowballs and packing, and no matter how good the gloves or mittens she described when you asked her on the date, the mittens you bring are best to protect her.
     Ah yes, one sturdy sled, two people, and the top of a snowy hill. The best gift to give her for this date, whether she indicates she needs one or not, is a scarf. Something long enough to cover her neck to her nose, as the snow pelts her face on the ride down, while she hangs onto you, or you wrap your arms around her.
      Okay, this is the roughest of a snow excursion without asking your darlinto be a ski bunny or snow-boarder. Anyone can sit on an inner-tube and glide downhill.
     The question is, are they up for it?
     Snow-tubing can be rough, especially beyond the bunny hill. The snow-tubes gain tremendous speed, and one’s body is only an inflated-doughnut away from the snowy surface.
     Snow is sure to pack up the sleeves and inside boots. And what fun you may have during this speedy ride!
     In a snow-tubing invitation, suggest she wear a snowmobile suit, or be prepared to buy or lend her one. If not a snowmobile suit, proper attire for direct contact with the snow. The overall idea is to prevent snow packing at her waist, let alone her wrists and boot-tops.
     She cannot be shy of ge, with this activity. If she is, you’ll find out soonest at the bunny hill. Accommodate her accordingly. No pressure for bigger hills, or no holding her back from the steepest hill.
     There is the matter of the tow rope. She needs strong arms to hang onto it while lying belly on the snow-tube. Let her ahead of you, to catch her and carry her ride, should she slip.

     Back to gentle again. Know where to go after you’ve laughed together so much, and your cheeks are rosy-warm.
     This is a casual attire date, so arrive to a place to stomp the snow off your boots, peel off your wraps, and let the rest of the snow melt as you become more acquainted over a glass of hot chocolate, a brandy, or a rich port.

Finding spots
     For the snowman, find an open, public area, so she feels safe.
      Same for sledding, only with hills.
      For snow-tubing, check your favorite search engine for snow-tubing in your area. There are a few “inspiration” links below.

     Make her feel safe every moment, whether you’re cascading down a hill, clinging to a steep tow rope, or becoming more acquainted over a cozy beverage.

Links for snowtubers: Alpine Valley -Ohio ; Cascade Mountain -Wisconsin ; Moonshine Mountain -North Carolina

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