Bee d’vine honey wines

______________ March, 2015 ______________

The Honey Wine Company presents Bee d’Vine wines as an anthem to honey, and to the bees that make it.

Bee-D'vine honey wines

Bee d’Vine Brut and Demi Sec wines

     This boutique company features two handcrafted honey wines, and pairs its wine selections with an award winning informational book. This to celebrate the oldest ever alcoholic beverage.
     O, yes! Honey wine is believed to be an “accidental” discovery thousands of years ago, when hunter-gatherers came upon an upturned beehive filled with rainwater. They drank the sweet beverage, and found it, well, intoxicating. Turned out, that rainwater had been fermented.
     That accidental discovery led to the understanding that honey + water + fermentation = wine.
Folks took to making honey wine, also known as mead. They refined the process over the years. Some added fruits that were indigenous to their regions.
‘Twas centuries later that grapes were discovered as an alternative base for wine. At that time winemakers who lived in climates friendly to growing grapes slowly began replacing honey with grapes.

Bee d’Vine honey wines
     Honey Wine Company embraces the most historical wines via handcrafted Bee d’Vine selections — Demi Sec (semi sweet) and Brut (dry). The differences are distinguished via the amount of honey added in the winemaking process, says Ayele Solomon, Proprietor and Winemaker.

     He uses spring water, and raw honey from select local beekeepers. Bee d’Vine wines are made with orange blossom honey from Northern California. Mr. Solomon ages the wines for a minimum of 10 months in the barrels and also ages the wines in the bottles.

… paired with a book
Bee d'Vine book

     The Honey Wine Company features the book “The Celebrated Story of Honey Wine.”  It won the 2015 Gourmand International World Cookbook Award for the “Best Drinks History” category in the USA. 
     This 88-page book features honey wine history and lore. It includes honey wine cocktail recipes, and pure facts regarding the importance of bees in the environment. It includes how to make honey wine, and how honey effects the wine.
     “One of the purest joys of honey wine is that honey absorbs the fragrance of blossoming flowers,” it reads via the Chapter VI. If your wine is based on sage honey, you will taste hints of sage. Same with eucalyptus, acacia, and other flowers. “If bees are attracted to a flower, that flower can become an integral part of your wine.”
     The pages are scattered with cozy illustrations to accompany subjects and fun facts. The book is entertaining and inspiring.
Tasting notes:  Both Bee d’Vine wines are light in color, light bodied. Both bring hints of floral and a sense of honey to the palate, especially in the finish. The Brut is slightly lighter than the Demi Sec, and has slightly more sense of honey. Both wines stand well alone
for a *repose
— perhaps while reading “The Celebrated Story of Honey Wine” — or delicately accompany fruits or chocolate.

More information
For information regarding Bee d’Vine wines, the craft, and special offers, visit here.
“The Celebrated Story of Honey Wine” is $10.00. The e-book and audio book are available for free download. For more information, visit here.

_________________ initially published in Spring, 2015

*“repose” is a ‘Jacquée T. Love for Words’ feature 

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