Behind Irish ballads, and jigs

When Paddy Homan learned that I planned to feature Ireland for the March A Romantic’s Perspective, he was joyous. Regarding romantic places, he said, “I dare say you picked the right country.”
Mr. Homan is a native Irishman who lives in Chicago. He’s an Irish tenor, and performs at Chicagoland festivals and private events.
The country’s ubiquitous romance, he told me, “…  is intricately related to Irish people’s appreciation for our environment, and acute awareness of the sacrifice we have made to get where we are today.”
Regarding Irish music, “Behind every song is really a story written by someone wishing to achieve some sense of immortality. Indeed I have always seen myself as but the messenger, the medium, in which these stories are portrayed. Thus our love of song, story and music is the synthesis unto which human stories of love and sacrifice, in the pursuit of justice and liberty are made come alive  through our people. Such intersections between human toils and universal truths are the sparks that ignite ordinary people to do extraordinary things.”
And that’s worth expression, and celebration!
Now that you know this, it behooves you to invite your darlin’ to an authentic Irish celebration.
The Irish American Heritage Center, 4626 North Knox Avenue, offers authentic Irish celebration. Inside is the Fifth Province Pub.*
The pub is open Fridays and Saturdays early evening-12:30 a.m. Live Irish bands perform here. Irish beer’s a flowin’, and Irish fare is available.
Also inside the Heritage Center is an auditorium that features special performances.
Here are a few special events at the Heritage Center this month:
—–St. Patrick’s Day Festival, after the downtown parade, 1 p.m.-midnight, Saturday March 13.
     This is a family festival, yet there’s plenty to do for adults, especially at Fifth Provence Pub where performers include The Shannon Rovers, The Dooley Brothers, and Mulligan Stew.*
     Tickets are $15 / or $12 for advance purchase by the end of March 11th.
—–St. Patrick’s Day celebration, noon-midnight at the Fifth Province Club, March 17
      Enjoy traditional and modern Irish music performed live, Irish dancing and Irish fare.
     Tickets are $10 and may be purchased at the door.
—-“Stepping Forward” variety show 7 p.m., in the auditoreum, March 20.
     Enjoy performances by Irish bands, step dancers, and bagpipers. Paddy Homan’s*band, The Four Courts, are among the performers.
     Tickets are $20-general admission / $30-VIP passes.
     For more info on these events: Irish American Heritage Center.

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