In loving memory

Memorial Day, 2009. I watched a PBS special, “Hallowed Grounds,” regarding WWI and WWII American soldier military cemeteries in the U.S. and Europe.

Thousands of our soldiers were buried in the lands where they fell. The documentary included narrations regarding battles, photographs, poems and letters. It also showed that many Europeans visit these cemeteries, to offer thanks to the American soldiers who fought for their freedom.

The documentary included war-related photos, narrations and poems that were written in honor of the soldiers.  It zoomed in on some soldiers’ lives, and on nurses and other people who served.

The summary included that we owe these people who served more than we could ever give them, yet we indeed owe them, and ourselves, to remember them.

Hear, hear! Thank you to the men and women have served our country throughout the years, who fought battles for our freedom, to guard the freedom of others, and for the hope of ultimate world peace.

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