“The romantic mood” – Valentine’s Day beckons

February 5, 2009.
Brian Williams brought up good points in “Valentine’s Run” comments. A few I’d like to address briefly:
“The Valentine’s mood,”
“Define romance?” and,
“Valentine’s cards.”

Firstly, the romantic mood. Mr. Williams commented he feels pressured into it, and that Valentine’s Day seems too commercialized  It doesn’t have to be.  A couple may agree to spend Valentine’s Day any way they want, or not at all. The key word here is “agree.” The last thing you’d want to do is offend your sweetheart by being remiss of expectations.

The thing that perplexes me re: Valentine’s Day is the florists. Most hike up their prices for Valentine’s Day, shamelessly. Some have commented to me that it’s because of the overwhelming volume they have for that day. They must think I know nothing about business. Increased volume means increased income, sans the price hike. They should brace themselves with extra staff for the big day, get through it being respectful to their customers without bilking them for extra money. They could still smile all the way to the bank the next day.

Regarding flowers, a couple might agree that it’s okay for the fella to pick up, or to have delivered, the holiday flowers a day early.

I acknowledge Valentine’s Day with a Vignettes “Valentine’s Run,” because it’s the time of year my favorite subject, romance, is officially acknowledged.

In one Latin country, and I don’t remember it at my fingertips right now, makes a huge celebration of Valentine’s Day. People take the day off. It’s a country, or a city, that I hope I remeber one of these years. I’d like to check it out.

Valentine’s Day isn’t commercial. It has a rich history behind it. Now “Sweetest Day,” I believe, was made up. That one usually comes and goes without my noticing.

Any way, I believe romance is worth celebrating. And Valentine’s Day is a reminder to celebrate it. My guess is you’ll  feel in the mood when the day comes.

I’ll respond to the other comments in the corresponding Comments sections.

Thank you, Brian!

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