Three haunting movies

I love spooky movies! The ones that appeal to our fear of the unknown, and that artfully bring to our eyes and to our emotions, eeriness.
     ‘Slashers,’ and other movies that throw blood and gore to the screen, don’t qualify. They’re formula, along with their cousins that suggest gore. But of course any Joe or Jane would be terrified by a sharp object swinging at them, no matter who’s swinging it.
     Yet, movies that draw us into the story, that entangle us viewers with the haunted characters, are most haunting.
     Here are classic spooky movies I recommened. The cinematography of each is laced into the chilling storyline.


“The Innocents” (1961) — During the late 1800s a young woman is offered an ideal position as governess to watch over an ideal girl and eventually the girl’s brother. Though the children charm her, the governess eventually realizes that they’re influenced by a dark force.   






“The Others” (2001) — A mother hires staff to care for the manor and her children, during World War I. The children are hyper-sensitive, and claim to see ghosts in the  house. The mother ignores those claims yet cannot ignore strange happenings.






“Nosferatu” (1922)  — This is among the first, if not the first, cinematic adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The silent film genre and vintage cinematography present a uniquely eerie translation. Count Orlok, who is the film’s version of Count Dracula, is clearly a monster — with long fingers and fingernails, and a sallow countenance. Yet he’s a gracious host to his guest Mr. Hutter, and is enchanting to those who first meet him.



Turn down the lights and cozy up to watch one or more of these movies with a good pal, or with your darling. ‘Tis best to watch them with a trusted friend, especially if you watch them at night.

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