A Wine Lover’s Chicago – where to find holiday quaffs

Holidays, 2012  ____________________________________________________________

Love warm spiced wines over the holiday season. These wines are mulled with sweet spices, or that have spices added. They also might include touches of citrus fruits.

Warm these holiday wines to a cozy temperature, not to a boil, and serve! Here are a couple Chicagoland wineries that offer scrumptious holiday quaffs, plus places to find them around Chicago.

Lynfred Winery Christmas WinesLynfred Winery seasonal holiday quaffs

Lynfred Winery offers its traditional Christmas Red and Christmas White wines that have sweet spices, and a Glogg that is a heavier body red with spices, a touch of port and hints of raisins.

Where to find:
Lynfred holiday wines may be found throughout Chicago at Mariano’s and Whole Foods locations, at the Macy’s wine shop, Binny’s and Lush wine stores. The Lynfred holiday wines are served at Geja’s Cafe and in The Walnut Room restaurant.

More information: Lynfred Winery is in Roselle, Illinois, only 30 miles from downtown Chicago. The Christmas Red is available for tasting. Stop in the winery to pick up a few bottles, or purchase online here.

To enjoy a warm cup served, visit Geja’s Cafe or The Walnut Room.

Glunz Family Winery Vin GloggGlunz Family Winery Vin Glogg

Glunz Family Winery offers their traditional Vin Glogg. It’s made with red wine and port, spice and citrus fruit oils.

Where to find:
Find Glunz Family Winery Vin Glogg at The House of Glunz wine shop, Whole Foods locations. Contact your favorite wine shop to see if they carry it. Cups of Vin Glogg are served at the newly-opened Glunz Tavern in the Chicago Old Town neighborhood.

More information: Glunz Family Winery is in Grayslake Illinois, 40 miles north of Chicago. Samples of Vin Glogg are available in the tasting room. Stop in to buy bottles or order online here.

To enjoy a warm cup served, visit Glunz Tavern.

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