repose — an action to pause

May 31, 2017

___ From the Latin repausare meaning “to take a pause” or “to pause again,” to repose [re-POHZ] means to embrace a state of rest.

Definitions via
Be lying, situated, or kept in a particular place

1.1 Lie down in rest
1.2 Lay something to rest in or on (something)
1.3 …. archaic Give rest to

To “repose” may be a leisurely act to take a rest, or an act to place someone or something in a set state.

It also may reflect an ultimate pause.

One of the definitions via The American Heritage Dictionary:
To lie dead.

Whatever situation, to “repose” reflects a “pausing,” or “resting,” in a positive light — from a much needed pause in life, to the inevitable pause from this life.

Usage examples
—Their daughter reposed to the ‘Pampered Cowgirl’ spa retreat the first week of May, while they reposed to a week in a quiet house.
—The handmade, embroidered pillow is a family heirloom passed down to daughters among generations. Now it reposes in Aunt Kate’s guest bedroom.
—Her husband was to repose in the funeral home parlor, she told friends, donned in the blue suit that he had purchased to wear at their 60th wedding anniversary party.

If you were to repose for your own ‘pause’ one afternoon would you: read a book, watch a prized movie, or take a long walk?


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